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"I Feel a Human Deterioration"
The Israeli writer Etgar Keret has spent the last few weeks trying to make sense of the violence and loss around him. So far, he can’t.
new york times 2023-10-27
"A Brief History of Us"

This short animation by Ofra Kobliner (dirceted by Keret and Kobliner, based on a story from Keret's "Fly Already"), is now an interactive Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere including Director's commentary and Q&A.


Vimeo 2023-1-19
Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

In the week of Holocaust remembrance, Yonit Levi of Channel 12 Israel and Jonathan Freedland of The Guardian invite Keret to their Unholy Podcast to reflect on his late mother, a survivor of the Shoah who never wanted that label, and give his take on the political turmoil (that seems to be as surrealistic as the film this episode is named after).


Unholy Podcast 2023-1-27
Etgar Keret at the Jewish Museum Berlin – DW – 10/21/2022
On Friday (21.10.2022), the Jewish Museum Berlin launches "Inside Out," a new exhibition entirely based on Israeli literary star Etgar Keret, who wrote nine short stories for the project.

The stories, based on his life and his mother's memories, will be presented to the public for the first time. They depict everyday family life in Israel, but are also influenced by traumatic war events experienced by his mother, who was born in Poland in 1934.

Objects from the museum's collections were selected to illustrate Keret's texts, and commissioned works by contemporary artists that were created in collaboration with the author are also on display. 2022-10-21
Keret @ Vimeo

Keret now has a Vimeo channel, featuring OUTSIDE — a Covid Fairy Tale by choreographer Inbal Pinto and Keret, whick is a  Vimeo Staff Pick.


Vimeo 2022-5-8
Keret at "The Burning Castle" Podcast
Etgar and Ashley Rindsberg speak about writing fiction during the pandemic, why the famously productive writer moved to Berlin for a year to "do nothing," and more...

YouTube 2021-11-11
5 Israeli authors you should know
The 15th German-Israeli Literature Festival in Berlin features renowned authors alongside newcomers of Israeli literature. Here's a selection.
Deutsche Welle 2021-9-3
Writing to fight the inertia: Etgar Keret finds inspiration in corona
He may be known for sardonic short stories, but Keret reveals in conversation with the ‘Post’ an optimistic outlook and calls the months under COVID-19 ‘one of the most prolific periods’ of his life.
The Jerusalem Post 2020-10-14
Director’s Cut
“Post-production took a hundred and fourteen years.”
The New Yorker 2020-7-9
“A hundred twenty days have passed since someone last touched you.” From the NYT’s Decameron Project.
The New York Times 2020-7-7
BorderKitchen: online interview with Etgar Keret
Interviewer: Jasper Henderson Author: Etgar Keret

BorderKitchen 2020-4-10
The Golden Heart Flower
Award-winning short fiction author Etgar Keret talks cannabis.
Cannabis Now 2020-2-13
Between Tragedy and Comedy Lies Genius
A dazzling collection by one of the best short story writers of our times combines the absurdity of a Coen brothers... 2020-1-19
Etgar Keret wins the J.J. Green­berg Memo­r­i­al Award for Fic­tion
We're delighted to share the news that Etgar Keret’s Fly Already has won the J.J. Green­berg Memo­r­i­al Award for Fic­tion, a Nation­al Jew­ish Book Award administrated by the Jewish Book Council.
Granta Books 2020-1-16
Interview with Ben Sinclair
High Times 2019-10-29
"Sunset Is the Best Time to Get High"
Helen Phillips recommends "Pineapple Crush" from the new short story collection 'Fly Already' by Etgar Keret
Electric Literature 2019-9-18
'Fly Already' review
Etgar Keret finds the humor in situations surreal and heartbreaking, from fatherhood to bro-ish metafictional fables
Star Tribune 2019-9-6
'Fly Already' review
Etgar Keret’s “Fly Already” consists of miniature vignettes that deliver maximum emotions.
Washington Post 2019-9-6
'Fly Already' review
Get the latest breaking news, sports, entertainment and obituaries in Providence, RI from The Providence Journal.
The Providence Journal 2019-9-5
Hope Wrapped in Barbed Wire
Israeli author Etgar Keret discusses translation, mixing pathos with humor, and his new book of short stories, Fly Already.
Jewish Currents 2019-9-5
‘Fly Already’ review
Etgar Keret’s thought-provoking tales of the unexpected delightfully confound expectations.
Boston Globe 2019-8-29
If Kafka Were Israeli and Wrote About Talking Goldfish
Etgar Keret, the writer of absurd, sad, funny and very short stories, grows up.
The New York Times 2019-8-27
"Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story"
Dutch documentary about the beloved Israeli fiction writer, a cult favorite in Holland, opens at the 33rd Haifa Film Festival
Times of Israel 2017-10-11
Morning Walks With My Son
Walking my son to school was a kind of slow, pleasant awakening in an equally sleepy universe, until he announced he was old enough to walk alone.
The New York Times 2017-6-16
"Fly Already"
Fiction: “Maybe he changed his mind and went back inside, I try to tell myself. But I don’t believe it.”
The New Yorker 2017-5-15
Humor in the Face of Tragedy
The author of the short story “Fly Already,” featured in this week’s issue of the magazine, discusses death, laughter, and Kafka.
The New Yorker 2017-5-8
“The Arctic Lizard”
Etgar Keret’s new short story presents an American dystopia under Donald Trump where kids are pulled out of middle school to fight our wars for us.
BuzzFeed News 2016-10-28
The Purest Form of Racism
Keret discusses his short story “To the Moon and Back,” about a father who goes to extremes to win his son’s love.
The New Yorker 2016-9-29
Keret reads “To the Moon and Back”
“Lidor looks at me like I’m some kind of a superhero. There’s nothing greater than to have your kid look at you that way.”
The New Yorker 2016-9-28
"To the Moon and Back"
“Lidor looks at me like I’m some kind of a superhero. There’s nothing greater than to have your kid look at you that way.”
The New Yorker 2016-9-27
▶ A Phone Call from Paul (2/2)
In part two of Paul Holdengraber’s conversation with Etgar Keret, the pair discuss the relationship between writers and readers, rediscovering books with your children, and how to get slapped at a …
Literary Hub 2016-9-21
▶ A Phone Call from Paul (1/2)
In part one of their conversation, Etgar Keret and Paul Holdengraber discuss real estate, time travel, and the pleasures of artistic collaboration. Etgar Keret on his next project… I’m workin…
Literary Hub 2016-9-15
Vogue's 24 Summer Reads to Pack for Your Next Beach Trip
A selection of surfing memoirs, marriage thrillers, spy novels, and a few classics that will surely keep you entertained this summer.
Vogue 2016-7-2
I’m Not Anti-Israel, I’m Ambi-Israel
You wouldn’t call me anti-Dutch just because I don’t like Gouda.
The New York Times 2016-6-24
Haaretz interview
'The Inconsistent Pedaler,' a collaboration among Israeli author Etgar Keret; his wife, the actress and director Shira Geffen and the U.S. dance theater troupe Pilobolus makes its local debut.
Haaretz 2016-1-20
Queen Mob's Review of 2015
Queen Mob's Tea House 2015-12-22
World Literature Today’s 75 Notable Translations of 2015
As 2015 comes to a close, we again look back to the year in translation.
World Literature Today 2015-12-15
NPR's best 2015 books
Visit the #bookconcierge, NPR’s guide to 2015's great reads.
NPR 2015-12-9
The Guardian's best bio/memoirs 2015
Life in Guantánamo, Butlins and everywhere in between, Kathryn Hughes on this year’s highlights
The Guardian 2015-12-3
Culture Trip: Israel's 7 Best And Most Important Writers
Your one-stop article on Israel's most important writers and novelists, from Etgar Keret to Leah Goldberg.
Culture Trip 2015-12-3
Eka Kurniawan picks 7 Good Years as 2015 fav
The authors of some of PW's best books of 2015 name their favorite books they read this year.
Publishers Weekly 2015-11-20
▶ The (Dis)Honesty Project
Clip from the documentary, "(Dis)Honesty - The Truth About Lies".Visit for more information!

YouTube 2015-11-11
Going Vegetarian in Israel
An ill-conceived trip to the movies turns a young boy into a proto-vegetarian.
The New York Times 2015-10-29
Soon (UK, Afghanistan): Farsi translation by Aziz Hakimi
Israeli author Etgar Keret hopes translation of The Seven Good Years into Farsi will show Iranians the ‘flawed’ humanity of Israeli Jews
the Guardian 2015-10-29
♪ WFPL interview
WFPL 2015-10-16
Do Israelis Still Care About Justice?
After two deadly hate crimes by Jewish extremists, there has not been nearly enough outrage.
The New York Times 2015-8-3
The Guardian interview
The books interview: The short story and essay writer on war, parenthood and the difficulties faced by the Israeli left
The Guardian 2015-8-1
FT review
News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication
FT 2015-7-24
The Guardian review
Etgar Keret’s collection of personal essays is driven by wit and sharp insight
the Guardian 2015-7-19
"The Seven Good Years" review
What can you add to the reading world when you’ve just turned the final page of a book of mini-memoirs in which a writer has managed to say so much, so movingly, so concisely, and so entertainingly
Boston Globe 2015-7-10
"The Seven Good Years" review
Life in modern Israel, via Angry Birds
The Independent 2015-7-10
NYT Sunday Book Review interview
The novelist, story writer and author, most recently, of the memoir “The Seven Good Years,” is a fan of Kafka. “It was a great comfort to discover a writer who seemed to be even more stressed and screwed up than I was.”
NYT Sunday Book Review 2015-7-9
We Ate a Shit-Ton of Hummus with Keret
Israel's greatest vegetarian short-story writer was in New York City—and he was hungry.
Vice 2015-7-7
JWeekly review
For those seeking the right book to read on the plane or the beach this summer, here are three possibilities, all related to Israel. Etgar Keret is Israel’s most prominent author under age 50, deservedly celebrated for his short, smart and original pieces of fiction. His new book, “The Seven Good Years,” is billed as …
JWeekly 2015-7-6
A Photo Diary of NYC
We here at Literary Hub are big fans of the author tour diary. So we were happy to discover that Etgar Keret, beloved Israeli novelist and now memoirist, was in New York City this past month teachi…
Literary Hub 2015-7-2
Paste Magazine interview
Paste Magazine is your source for the best music, movies, TV, comedy, videogames, books, comics, craft beer, politics and more. Discover your favorite albums and films.
Paste Magazine 2015-7-2
TLV1 podcast
"The Seven Good Years" is Etgar Keret's memoir about the seven years between the birth of his son and the death of his father.
TLV1 Podcast 2015-7-1
Huffington Post interview
Huffington Post 2015-6-24
The Seven Good Years
It is a pleasure to read Etgar Keret, someone who believes in humanity and who believes that readers are smart enough to see the humor in everyday life.
Run Spot Run Book Reviews 2015-6-19
Chicago Tribune review
In "The Seven Good Years", Israeli author Etgar Keret puts his family story, including the birth of his son and death of his father, to the service of virtuosic writing.
Chicago Tribune 2015-6-18
♪ How a kid persuaded a skeptic to show a little optimism
Israeli author Etgar Keret considers what it means to be a son, a brother and a father in his new memoir The Seven Good Years.
PRI 2015-6-17
Etgar Keret Finds Redemption
In spite of its brevity, Etgar Keret’s first memoir delivers some very big truths about the public and private lives of the Israeli author, and his society writ large.
The Forward 2015-5-30
Esquire's summer reading list
Packed with sex, drugs, and digital wormholes. Also: mistaken identities.
Esquire 2015-5-29
Technophobe’s Delight
We may be looking at thinner screens, but we’re still wearing the same old underpants.
The New Yorker 2015-5-20
Publishers Weekly review: The Seven Good Years
In this slim, episodic set of recollections, acclaimed Israeli fiction writer Keret (The Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God) covers the span between the birth of his son and the death of his fat
Publishers Weekly 2015-4-21
"Taxi Driver"
Explaining conflict — and how we could resolve it — to my young son in the back seat.
▶ Keret Reads Donald Barthelme (The New Yorker)
On this month’s episode of the fiction podcast, Etgar Keret reads and discusses the short short story “Chablis,” by Donald Barthelme.
The New Yorker 2015-3-2
▶ Jamming with Benjamin Percy
Etgar Keret introducing "The Story Victorious" read by Benjamin Percy in Distinguished Writers Series at Wellesley College, [November 2014]

YouTube 2014-12-28
"One Gram Short" - the interview
Keret discusses his story in this week's issue, about a man who invites a woman to smoke a joint with him.
The New Yorker 2014-11-24
"One Gram Short"
“All I want is a single bud, even a joint, to smoke with a pretty girl who laughs at my jokes.“
The New Yorker 2014-11-24
The New Yorker: Kashua / Keret mails
The Israeli-Palestinian writer Sayed Kashua and the Jewish-Israeli writer and filmmaker Etgar Keret think through their despair over Israel’s condition.
The New Yorker 2014-10-13
Tel Aviv Noir at Goodreads
Akashic Books continues its groundbreaking series of original noir anthologies, launched with the summer '04 award-winning best seller Br...
Goodreads 2014-10-4
Tel Aviv Noir review at JTA
Forget Bauhaus and beaches, a new anthology from writers Etgar Keret and Assaf Gavron showcases the Israeli city’s crooked, violent side.
Jewish Telegraphic Agency 2014-10-2
Yom Kippur – My favorite holiday
Yom Kippur was always my favorite holiday. Even in nursery school, when all the other kids liked Purim because of the costumes, Hanukkah because of the latkes, and Passover because of the long vacation, I was hooked on Yom Kippur. If holidays were like kids, I once thought when I was still a boy, then …
Tablet Magazine 2014-9-30
Granta Magazine Interview
Granta 2014-8-17
Israel’s Other War
It’s an awful thing to make a truly tragic mistake. It’s worse to make that same mistake over and over again.
The New Yorker 2014-7-25
Give compromise a chance
LA Times 2014-7-14
Aurelie "throws the book" at Keret
Keret receives copies of 7 annes de bonheur from his publisher, Aurelie (Photo: Patrice Normand)
Etgar Keret on When Bad Things Happen to Good Characters
The skinny guy fell to the café floor. His stomach hurt more than he thought it ever could. A series of involuntary spasms shook his body. “This is what it must be like when you’re going to die,” he thought. “But this can’t be the end. I’m too young, and it’s too embarrassing to die …
Tablet Magazine 2014-3-26
‘For me, writing is like surfing’
Known as a best-selling short story writer, rare today, Keret says he had never deliberately chosen this form. Some people see writing as a journey from point A to point B. I couldnt do that. I cant plan and organize ahead to write a novel. For me, writing is like…
Shanghai Daily 2014-3-14
Sometimes ‘Nazi’ Is the Right Word
If Israel bans the word “Nazi,” “Seinfeld” will be verboten, too.
NY Times 2014-1-18
"Car Concentrate"
‘Women mostly touch it tentatively with the backs of their hands.’
Granta 2014-1-4
Alex Karpovsky reads "Creative Writing"
NPR Selected Shorts episode: Writers about Writing The Writers Model by Molly Giles, performed by Kaneza Schaal Creative Writing by Etgar Keret, performed by Alex Karpovsky On Keeping a Notebook by Joan Didion, performed by Parker Posey I Dated…